The haters are out in force these days…

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As posted earlier about getting yelled on the KTX train about speaking in English too loudly and I’m not sure if I failed to mention already getting told on other occasions to stop speaking in English so loudly, but last night I had the weirdest incident of them all. One day after my friend Laura and I were talking about her friends and her getting yelled at on the subway for talking in English, my coworker and I were speaking in English on the subway home in a relatively quiet manner across from this middle aged Korean guy. For some reason, the stories always start off with some “middle aged Korean guy” (these are always the guys who get pissed off for some reason).

Anyway, after talking for just 2 minutes or so and the next subway stop arrives, the middle aged Korean dude stands up and comes right up into our faces and starts telling us if we’re going to speak in English, we should speak more fluently and appropriately. He exclaims he is better than us at English with some stupid colloquial expression. He then walks off in a rage as if we committed some wrong and gets ready to exit. Just before the doors open, he yells out in Korean that if we’re going to speak in English, we had better study up on the language.

It was such a shock to us both — Kelly happens to be very fluent and close to native ability and until this day, I’ve never been questioned on my English skills except by my 9th grade grammar teacher, but she correct phrases like “John and me” vs. “John and I.” Honestly, I don’t know if this guy was actually talking to us both, but if he was, he just proves to me there are quite a few opinionated folks out here who are a little sensitive about English being used or more formally becoming the norm in this country. However, usually the rumblings were about being loud or using it too frequently vs. this extremely odd case where I’m asked to speak it better. LOL…

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