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I was reading my International Herald Tribune as usual on the way to work today and read this article about Guiliani’s exit as the Republican party’s nominee for this year’s Presidential election. One quote struck me that shows why I get frustrated with conservative politics:

“Rudy didn’t even care enough about conservatives to lie to us. The problem wasn’t the calendar; it was the candidate.”

The quote came from a Republican consultant by the name of Nelson Warfield. It shows me completely the mindset that Republicans need lying in order to truly have a “sincere” candidate. This literally floors me after reading such a quote. WTF?

More proof comes from across the ocean here in Korea.

The GNP or the party that would represent the Republicans in the U.S. in Korea are angry at the incoming President over nominations for April’s National Assembly’s election. I honestly don’t know for what positions, but party leader Park Geun-hye has already showed her displeasure in public numerous times, but the latest act just continues to blow my mind.

The GNP chairman decided to not show up for the announcement of the nominating standards because the new “ethics rule” would probably prevent him from getting nominated. The incoming President wanted to apply a new rule that prevents people who have been convicted of past corruption from being nominated. This guy wants this removed. Are you kidding me?

The GNP is protesting an “ethics rule” that says past corruption should not be nominated? Are they saying if a candidate raped or murdered someone in the past or did something truly wrong, they should be forgiven? Perhaps they want a priest to come and forgive them of all their wrongdoings and then move forward. I’m sure they’ll never commit any wrongdoings moving forward, eh?

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