I guess the drinking is starting to permeate into the broadcast industry (here in Korea)

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Drunk Announcer Quits Sports News


By Kim Rahn
Staff Reporter

A famous MBC TV announcer quit hosting the sports news in the wake of making on air gaffes while under the influence of alcohol.

When hosting the program on Thursday evening, announcer Lim Kyeong-jin failed to read the script properly and kept slurring his words.

TV viewers suspected Lim may have been drunk, and he admitted that he drank before hosting the program. He had drinks during lunch on the day with the program’s staff to celebrate the Korean handball teams’ victory after returning to Korea Wednesday from Japan where the games were held.

“He slept for a while after drinking, but was not completely sobered up. Staff members did not realize the extent of his intoxication,” Sung Kyung-hwan, the MBC announcer team head, said.

“Lim is a veteran in sports news commentating and he has reflected on his behavior. However, hosting news under the influence of alcohol cannot be accepted on any account,” he said.

Lim was replaced with another announcer Friday. MBC is considering taking disciplinary action.

Television viewers posted writings criticizing Lim. An Internet user with the ID “duduri” said, “I understand every human makes mistakes. However, drunk reporting is not acceptable, as broadcasting is for all people of the nation.”


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