Response to a comment about certified teachers in Korea

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A nice gentleman commented on the post about “Will Foreign Teachers Become Civil Servants?”  His comment was:

“Hello, not sure how I came across your blog, but found this to be interesting. Also, what are your thoughts on people that are certified teachers in their own country but are here in Korea teaching English? My fiancee and I are both certified teachers(Canada and US). I have not seen the information you wrote about, but was anyting ever mentioned about foreign teachers with those qualifications? I might have to add this to my list of things to read every week. Thanks.”

My reply:

While this isn’t anything revolutionary or that profound, I very much like the thought of certified teachers from other countries teaching English here in South Korea.  Actually, I’m staunch supporters of getting more teachers from Canada, England or say the U.S.A. who are certified teaching here.  I wish there were more.

Too long, the focus on “just gaining an international experience” or traveling around the world at the expense of the Koreans in my opinion, I say.  If the goal is to seriously travel, at least taking the job seriously while here is key.  I don’t know if we, including me (on a daily basis, that is), do that as foreigners.  The Koreans pay serious money for their kids to improve their English capabilities.  I think real teachers are definitely a great thing for this country.

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One response to “Response to a comment about certified teachers in Korea

  1. Baluda

    Having taught in Korea, I can tell you first hand that Korean school boards make absolutely no effort to attract cerified teachers.
    A foreigner who is a certified teacher in Korea will never make more than 31 000 USD (34 000 CND) a year. As a certified teacher working in Korea, you would be lucky to get more than 21 paid vacation days a year, and you’d only get 50% medical coverage. I just don’t think it’s worth it.
    If you are certified and want to travel, I would suggest that you teach in Hong Kong or the Middle East. At least they are willing to offer incentives. Koreans are just way too cheap to bother.

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