Google’s Adsense Customer Support Contact Page

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It’s so funny how much we applaud Google or Amazon for being such pioneers in the online space, but the two companies like many online companies do EVERYTHING THEY POSSIBLY CAN to prevent consumers from contacting them. Buried in their customer service FAQ’s and other pages that they expect customers to be so intelligent to navigate to their answers is finally a page that you can supposedly contact them when they have problems and need to fix. I finally found the page that Google’s Adsense customers can contact Google directly about issues like mine.

Basically, I’ve been clicking the request to have google resend the confirmation pin # that I haven’t gotten from them after I signed up for their Adsense program (where they place advertisers on your content site and you make a few cents off the clicks).  I made multiple attempts to get the pin #. Despite the multiple requests, I have nobody to talk to in order to get it.

Anyway, I’ll be finally posting my problem here: and if you have problems, feel free to use it as well. Hopefully, Google’s own algorithm won’t prevent customers from finding this page. If they do, we definitely know there’s a little funny business operating there and there should be more criticism than applause.


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9 responses to “Google’s Adsense Customer Support Contact Page

  1. By the way, it’s been already 2 days and they haven’t replied. Great customer service, eh?

  2. Google's customer support (ha, ha)

    Google doesn’t HAVE customer support. I’m trying to get some info on gmail, and there’s no one to call. I’m going to take cancel my gmails and go back to Yahoo. Any large company that doesn’t have customer support isn’t going to last long. I suggest you pass the word that the company is not reliable. I know I’m going to.

    An extremely dissatisfied customer,


  3. Please note: I said this is for “Adsense” and not the other google products. However, I do admit they are just as guilty as most of the larger internet companies of being sh*tty about customer service. They bury these sooooooooo deep that people can rarely find them.

    From what I’m reading, Gmail’s customer support is basically a help page:

    If you can’t find it there, you may have to go to a help group specific for gmail here:

    And it looks like if you do post to the discussion group, periodically, they will respond via email. This is what I saw after clicking on “About Contacting Support” on the bottom of the help topics above:

    Need to contact our support team? We provide limited email support for a small set of issues, specifically issues that prevent you from using or accessing Gmail. While we do read each email, you’ll only hear from us (generally within a few days) if we need more information to resolve your issue. Please search the Help Center for your issue. If you can’t find it there, we suggest checking out our Known Issues page or asking for help in the Discussion Group.

    Of course, they don’t provide that email anywhere on the page.

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  5. google customer support is shit at best. paypal is the only company i have dealt with with worst support.

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  7. Hello,

    I have signed up for Adsense and followed all the directions, people are clicking onto my site but when I check my account to see the amount of money I made per clicks, the payment history shows $ 0.00.

    Can you please check into this and tell me what is wrong?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  8. D.

    I too registered for google adsense. I have around 1000 hits per month, I guess, but yet to have even on registered on Google Adsense and haven’t made one penny.

    This may be the biggest sham going!

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