Persistence and consistency = two keys to almost any success

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The past few weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed with a bunch of things in my personal and work life that I’ve neglected the blog a bit. As a result, the views have decreased consistently. I was consistently breaking 300+ views a day before I started to decrease the posts by quite a bit. Now, I get a post in once a week if I’m lucky. Whereas, more than 3 weeks ago and before that, I was posting almost on a daily basis for a good 2+ months.

Just like with the blog, this has been the keys to success with almost everything I’ve done and what others who are successful have done. For example, when learning, sporadic studying always creates holes in learning. In contrast, when you study daily for almost anything, the learning only builds. People respect people who are consistent. Of all things, even gambling rewards consistency.

In terms of persistence, I’ve told this story multiple times. I used to know this guy who was one of the most annoying people I have met in my life. He was incredibly tactless and most people were bothered by almost everything he did. Many years after college, I had already switched jobs 3 times when I heard how he was doing. I had heard he went to law school, passed the bar and now is a successful lawyer. One thing didn’t change: he was still annoying. However, the other thing that didn’t change: he was as persistent as they come. He persisted to the point that everyone gave up in his path. If you want something and keep on fighting for it, I guarantee your chances of success are about 90%. I guarantee it…

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  1. stacykimm

    sad news….

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