“elmo death threat” surges to the top of searches online

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I don’t check all the time, but I get a list of top keywords that are sent to me from a website that keeps track of the online behavior of consumers. The typical suspects for the list are your typical sexually related terms or popular websites that are entered into Google or other top search engines throughout the world. However, once in a while, a phrase or word throws the list off.

There are two reports: a surge report which tracks behavior over the past 48 hours and a long term report which checks for searches over the past 100 days. Well, in the list from the past 48 hours, the phrase “elmo death threat” was the 3rd highest search recently. I thought to myself, “What?!” So, I did a bit of searching myself and found the following story:


I guess someone programmed the usually cute little doll to scare the living bejesus out of a kid…

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