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My curiosity got the best of me…

**Warning: some of the pictures in the following may disturb you.  Some of them made me want to throw up when I first saw them and I got the urge again when trying to upload them into this post.

Reading the news sometimes leads you to places you would never have even imagined before starting.  Today, I noticed a story about an old Austrian man who locked up his daughter for 20+ years in his basement along with half the 6 children he had with her.  I read the most detailed version of the story in the German periodical, Spiegel Online.  After finishing the story, I checked out the front page of the English version of the publication and noticed a picture below with the caption of “Beijing’s Penis Restaurant.”  I’m sorry, but I had to look and I sort of regret looking, but at the same time was so dumfounded that I had to post it here. Continue reading

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U.S. embassy in Seoul reopen(ed) consulate in Busan

Didn’t know this, but I guess there’s an office here serving us…now I just have to find the address:

The U.S. Embassy in Korea reopened a consular office Friday (Oct. 19, 2007) in the country’s second largest city of Busan, but the office will only provide consular services to U.S. citizens, embassy officials said.

The U.S. consulate in Busan was shut down in 1996, forcing Korean and foreign residents in Busan seeking a U.S. visa to travel nearly 500 kilometers to Seoul.

“The consulate in Busan will be reopened after 11 years, but it is designed to provide consular services only to U.S. citizens there for now,” an embassy official said,.

Washington agreed to reopen the Busan consulate last year at a meeting between then Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon, now the secretary-general of the United Nations, and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

U.S. Ambassador to Seoul Alexander Vershbow attended the reopening ceremony.

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