25 websites Time.com (‘s editors) says we can’t live without

1. Amazon.com (true)
2. BBC.co.uk (yah, I guess…well, I’d argue CNN.com)
3. Citysearch.com (I think there’s some bias here, but it has good stuff)
4. Craigslist.org (definitely)
5. Del.icio.us (debateable since there’s lots like it)
6. Digg.com (like I said…)
7. Ebay.com (well, until there’s a competitor; I guess this applies above with Amazon.com too)
8. ESPN.com (definitely for sports fans)
9. Facebook.com (if you like to be social)
10. FactCheck.org (hmmm….new one on me; will have to check it out)
11. Flickr.com (for the visual in us)
12. Google.com (with 67% of the search space & without a competitor, a definite YES!)
13. HowStuffWorks.com (yah, but need to use it more to verify)
14. Internet Movie Database (love it)
15. Youtube.com (oh yah!)
16. Kayak.com (another new one on me to check out … aggregates travel)
17. National Geographic (for some reason is not on my “couldn’t live without” even tho great & good for kids)
18. Netflix.com (if you’re in America; then again the list in general is mostly American)
19. Technorati.com (well, I’ve lived pretty well without it, but who knows?)
20. TMZ.com (well, not into celebrity gossip, but could be…then I’d be addicted surely)
21. USA.gov (could be very useful)
22. TelevisionWithoutPity.com (more new stuff, but at first glance, doesn’t look a “can’t live without”)
23. WebMD.com (finally making it’s mark)
24. Wikipedia.org (should be AT THE TOP)
25. Yahoo.com (finance, news and several other sections are great, but definitely not the search engine)

A couple of my favorite as well are:
Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com
(like I said earlier) CNN.com
Gmail.com, Hotmail.com or Mail.Yahoo.com

Koreans can’t live without:
Naver.com and


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3 responses to “25 websites Time.com (‘s editors) says we can’t live without

  1. Hey, definitely a great batch of sites that we cannot live without! I use about 1/3 of this list on a daily basis. There were about 3 sites in your list that I have not heard of so I will have to check them out, for sure factcheck.org

  2. I can’t live with out hotforwords. Its a site I visit every day. Education ranks much higher on my list than TV, Movies, sports, and other mindless entertainment. Google, wiki, flickr, dictionary, and some other top my list. I wonder why our pubic education system is one of the worst in the world?

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