ignoring the International audience (at least in Korea)

Not having many tools to measure traffic online for free, I use the web’s default tool now getting a little competition from a couple other tools: and — the former being a little better funded & possibly a little more reliable.

However, for the past 2 years when trying to access the site, I get a broken site to any browser I’ve used to try to get the data.  Basically, it looks like the .css (cascading style sheet) can’t be accessed for some reason on this side of the Pacific and the website just looks like garbage.  I decided to post about it (this may be redundate though because I know I’ve been annoyed by this more than once before) since I just noticed that Forrester Research initially had the same problem.  It then resolved the second time I tried to access the site. on the other hand has NEVER resolved properly over the past two years here.

I’m thinking they don’t care…not enough money to care.

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