Depressing times: 170,096 people dead in the past couple of weeks

There’s probably more, but this is how I get this number:

China earthquake kills between 30,000 to over 70,000 people

100,000 or more dead in Myanmar due to recent natural disaster

Tainted liquor kills 59 people in India

Anti-foreigner sentiment in South Africa kills 22

15 dead in Missouri after Tornado

Wow, it’s been a depressing couple of weeks for many around the world.  We had our first “midnight run” at our company in over a year.  It’s sort of sad.  The teacher had never expressed a word of disatisfaction and acted as if he was very happy.  I asked him how he was doing and he always expressed as if everything was alright.  It’s so confusing when you do your best to try to make people happy including arguing with managers, but I guess I’m sometimes trying to defend the wrong people at times.  Then again, I feel pretty comfortable there are a great 80+ others who are good hearted and really do an awesome job.

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