Foreigners to have easier access to the Internet here



May 20, 2008Starting today, the Justice Ministry will provide services that allow all foreigners in South Korea to sign up on local Web sites if they give the service ways to confirm the real names of foreign online users, the ministry announced Sunday.

So far, only those who reside in the country and acquire alien registration numbers can join local Web sites as members.
They have to submit their alien registration numbers and names to join.
As the ministry has expanded the service, any foreigners here may now join local Web sites by submitting a passport number. Local Web sites ask Korean online users to provide a residence registration number to confirm their real name.

Foreigners who have questions regarding the service may contact the ministry by dialing 1345, or the Korean Association of Information and Telecommunication, (02) 580-0571.

The ministry also announced that it would provide the service to verify the validity of alien registration cards to financial institutions in order to prevent crimes using forged alien registration cards.

By Kim Soe-jung Staff Reporter []

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