Had my like 5th run in with a native Korean telling us to stop using English

Again, I hate to complain…

However, when another coworker and I were quietly talking on the bus coming home from Changwon city, this guy next to my coworker starts telling me in Korean to stop speaking English or not to talk at all on the bus.  If I was loud, I would of respected the guy, but I was talking so silently that my coworker had to ask me repeatedly “What?  What was that?”  After briefly refuting the fact we were not loud, I gave up and sat in another seat.  The guy stares me down and I just ignore him even though he’s starting to scare me because he’s literally acting like a basket case.

This was like the umpteenth time this has happened.  My other post describes another time here. By this point in my 2+ years back in Korea, I’ve learned to be very careful to speak English (ironic eh since I’m teaching English?) in public.  I notice when people are looking at me or when it’s bothering anyone around me, but literally like after 10 words with my friendly and quiet coworker Jeff, this guy starts digging into us.  The scary thing is that he waited outside the bus at my stop to see if I was getting off.  Fortunately, he didn’t follow me, but it’s simply stupid.  I love most things about this country, but this isn’t one of them.


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3 responses to “Had my like 5th run in with a native Korean telling us to stop using English

  1. Sun

    You should of kicked his ass and told him it was a English Lesson on manners.

  2. I had a similar experience on the Seoul subway about a month ago. But the guy punched me in the head after I tried to reason with him in Korean. Didn’t hit back – turn out it was unnecessary; the other subway riders got in the guy’s face when he started up again. Of course, it would have been nice if they did that before I got hit, but I don’t think anyone expected him to do anything but blow hot air.

  3. That’s really unfortunate. That’s a little too much. I don’t like getting violent and realize it’s a waste, but if he did hit you, I would retaliate. I would at least try to get him arrested…that’s going too far. Sorry to hear…

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