I helped Facebook drop 10% last month

So, the following Mashable Social Networking News story says Facebook is down 10% in April.


I have to admit that I’m part of the problem.  I haven’t been visiting Facebook as often as I was at the beginning of our romantic affair.  At first, it was a pain getting to know her and making friends with her friends.   After I got to know all her social network, i was in love.  She had everything I wanted.  However, just like my first affair with Friendster, I’ve sort of fell out of love.  I did call Friendster up the other day, but I found that all of her friends have been peaking at pictures of me since January — when I supposedly last really visited.  I may have snuck a glance in between then and now to see her and her friends, but there’s definitely no more than just curiosity with her.  Like Friendster, I’m growing tired and bored with Facebook.  I’m sorry Facebook.  I know your Daddy Mark liked me a lot, but it’s not just about your family.   

Who will be my new affair?  I dated Yelp a bit for a few months, but don’t even know where she is these days.  MySpace is a slut and I’ve never been at her place after she got me to come over once because she had her friends hassle me day and night.  I heard Twitter’s looking pretty hot these days…but probably a tease like MySpace…anybody know Twitter?

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