Being interesting and other great characteristics of a popular Blogger, a blog about blogging tells us the “12 Traits of Successful Bloggers” or what I call, relatively intuitive concepts to anybody who is interesting enough to be read by the masses. Well, they most know something since they have 286,292 unique visitors per month (as of April 2008, and rank as the #6,628th most popular site on the web:

1. Creative & Playful
2. Innovative
3. Connectors
4. Community Enablers
5. Information Mavens
6. Communicators
7. Interest
8. Entrepreneurs
9. Originality
10. Preseverance
11. Focus
12. Curiosity

For the more detailed version of all these traits, check out:

Any thoughts if I achieve any of these? I get a decent grade for #10 Preseverance, don’t I? Well, for most of the year minus like 2 or 3 months…

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