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Not trying to be conceded, but you never know when this will be deleted off the internet…this will get buried into my blog anyhow.  🙂

Brandon Na Reviews

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  • A True Buyer’s Agent in the Seattle Metro Area


    Brandon recently helped us purchase our house in Seattle this spring, and in a market that is as volatile as this one, it was good to have him working on our side.

    Throughout the entire process, Brandon was readily accessible to us, even taking panicked phone calls from us in the middle of the night, meeting us at a moment’s notice to look at houses that had just come on the market hours earlier and attending all essential meetings with us (and sometimes without us when necessary) as our agent — at all times representing our interests.

    Once we finally found a house to purchase, he was in constant communication with us, keeping us posted on every aspect of the transaction–from presenting the offer, working with our lender to ensure the financing went smoothly, inspections, escrow, forewarning us of potential pitfalls, etc. He consistently went above and beyond for us to ensure the deal went smoothly.

    Brandon is a great agent who respects and takes care of his clients. He is honest, professional, contentious and will at all times represent his client’s interest without compromise. He’ll teach you as much or as little as you want to know about real estate transactions and let you conduct the process as you’d prefer.

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