Slideshows annoy me! Just show me the list!

To capitalize on advertising revenue, the top publications have gone to slideshows to detail long lists of information people may be curious about like: “top places to retire” or “top places for your kids,” etc.  However, I just want to see the list.  I realize the publications need to make advertising dollars, but then why do they charge us subscriptions and make us pay at the airport or bookstore $5 or more bucks an issue?  Yes, yes, I realize they really depend on their advertising dollar…

Anyhoo, it bugs me enough that I just build the list myself and occasionally post them here.  For Businessweek’s latest list of “Best places to raise your kids” (on a budget), check out this post on one of my other sites.  Looks like the key phrase of “on a budget” excludes regular popular destinations like California, Washington state or otherwise.

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