Signs that your “tax refund of $184.80 !” or whatever amount isn’t real

Getting  a lot of these stupid IRS tax refund email hoaxes lately.  Don’t you just love spam?  No matter what our email service providers do, they get through.  Do you ever wonder if Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail are getting paid off enough to let it get through? I mean, these same stupid spam messages get through.  You would think they could figure them out after the 18 millionth message with similar messaging.  They probably come from similar locations as well.

Anyhoo, here are some hints you shouldn’t be doing anything with the messages except deleting them:

  • The email address is something like: — the real website domain of the IRS is  Check out the beautiful & professional (NOT!) website at
  • It’s sent to you as “undisclosed-recipients” — did you read in the news that George decided to send us all another $184.80 for any particular reason?  It would also be sent to you directly.
  • Don’t click on the link that says “click here”, but if you mouse over it & see what the url is (check out the bottom of your browser in the bottom left), you’ll see some stupid url like: http://0x3a.0x1a.0x8940/ko.html  I understand people are getting confused with the more complex urls that are sometimes automatically generated, but this is DEFINITELY not the look of a legitimate web address you should be sent to.  Look for the domain in it — it doesn’t exist.
  • Just idiotic English — most, if read carefully, are really poor English! (not that mine is any better, but…)
  • Signature would normally have something more detailed — not just “ Internal Revenue Service”

There’s more hints, but I’ve wasted enough time on explaining something so stupid.  I just wish they literally stop wasting all of our time.

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