Free taxi rides in Seoul, South Korea

Starting in June, you don’t have to pay taxi fare, if the credit card machine is out of order.

On May 21, the City of Seoul announced improved measures concerning taxi drivers refusing to accept credit cards.  

The measures include monitoring the status of working of credit card machines installed at taxis every three hours, exemption of handling charge on a fare amounting to less than 5,000 won.

When the machine is not working properly, making it impossible for a passenger to pay the fare by credit card, Korea Smart Card will pay the charge for the passenger, starting in June.

A taxi driver refusing to take credit card will be fined up to 300,000 won, and the taxi company up to 600,000 won.

The City of Seoul also plans to take a stringent measure against taxi companies trying to ask taxi drivers to bear the fee related to credit card payment.

The time taken for credit card approval has been reduced to shorter than 10 seconds.

Starting in July, the voice information system for the entire process of credit card payment will be distributed to taxi drivers not skillful in using the credit card machine.

KB Card and Citi Card will also be accepted, staring in June and July, respectively.

For more information, please contact the Seoul Global Center at (82-2)1688-0120 or email to  More on this here.

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