Interesting Korean words and phrases

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This is long overdue. I kept a log for my own, but these words/phrases in Korean were things I had to learn over the past two years. They’ll be primarily Korean words I find (as an intermediate speaker of the Korean langauge) interesting. So, you may not…anyhoo, it’s my blog so I get to dictate that, right? 🙂

넵 — pronounced “Nep”. It means “YES” like you were answering a military commander & saluting them. It’s basically saying “yes” in a somewhat sarcastic manner when it feels like someone is bossing you around in Korean. The real easy phrase for “yes” in Korean is simply 네 or “Neh”.

회의(會議) or pronounced in Korean “Hweh-ee”. It means a meeting;a conference;an assembly;a convention;a congress;a council;a session(회기중의) ―하다 meet;confer;sit (in conference);hold a meeting[conference]. Working in a Korean company, you should definitely become more familiar with this phrase. When I first heard the phrase “Hweh-shik” (회식), I was wondering why we were going to sushi since “Hweh” means “sushi” in Korean. However, it means business meal.
광고 (廣告) pronounced “Gwang-go” is an advertisement; ad《 미·구》;an advert 《 영·구》; an announcement ;【 선전】 publicity ― 하다 advertise; announce ;publicize ; put[insert] an advertisement 《 in》; probably should be handy if you’re in marketing.
매정하다 “Meh-jung-ha-dah” means ( be) callous; hard-hearted ;unfeeling; pitiless;harsh; cruel; don’t know why this came up. 😉
생활(生活) pronounced “Seng-hwalr” in Korean means life;living; existence;livelihood; subsistence ―하다 (“ha-dah”) live ;exist;make a living ;subsist

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