Rooting against the underdog…

I don’t play much at all these days — especially since it’s too expensive here in Korea. However, I used to play more golf than I would spend time doing most things during the day.

The world of professional golf is an interesting one to say the least — at least to people like me. The most familiar name in and outside of golf is Tiger Woods. He’s dominated the sport unlike any other. He is literally the epitome of what the ultimate athlete could be for any sport.

I love the underdog. I always root for the team that is the “cinderella story” or the athlete or competitor that had to overcome difficult odds to reach the finals of an event or sport. It’s a great story. At the same time, every time I read about a professional golf tournament, I’m always looking out for Tiger Woods. If he’s not in the lead, I’m not interested. Other than Tiger, I look out for other Koreans like KJ Choi or Kevin Na (my cousin — I wish) or the up and coming Anthony Kim who won for the first time earlier this year. If I don’t see any of these 4, I become disinterested.

Case in point: I’ve been checking for updates the past two days for who won the U.S. Open in golf. Tiger Woods played in this tournament for his first golf tournament he’s been able to play since his knee surgery. It was tentative that he would have any chance to win the event due to the physical ailment. There was a bit of drama from the starting group of him, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott all the way to the end where he had to in dramatic fashion tie Rocco Mediate just to force a playoff.

Despite Mediate being the underdog, I didn’t want him to win.

I was constantly looking for updates where Tiger was winning. I probably wouldn’t have even checked for updates if Tiger wasn’t in the playoffs.

Why do I root for Tiger? It confuses me, but I keep on doing it.

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  1. Tiger Woods will be back on his game in no time, after his knee surgery, i’m sure; he seems like a tough guy

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