What’s up with searches on “porcupine” these days?

it’s the top search that leads to my blog these days. Was there some rash hunt for porcupines? Is it on the list of endangered species these days? It porplexes me….I mean, perplexes me. 🙂

Search Views
porcupine 34
korean women 6
thank you korean 5

The longer list:

Search Views
porcupine 34
korean women 6
thank you korean 5
naked punishment 4
thank you in korean 3
chilsung cider 3
unusual customs 3
irs is going after expats 2
naked girl punishment 2
hello in korean 2
korean learning video 2
crb check in korea 2
man made disasters in last 5 years 2
donkey penis 2
the 12th annual pusan international film 2
naked punished 2
korean customs 2
internet+cram schools+korea 2
beautiful korean face 2
english teaching method video 2
real children’s funny stories 1
facebook profile foward 1
4 year old naked 1
free best man humorous brother speech 1
bio of john linton md severance hospital 1
clear admit columbia guide 1
learning about korean customs 1
living in rural south korea 1
kyopo 1
top 10 fiction novels 1
private tutoring south korea 1
mark “the chinaman” britten old stuff 1
porcupine’ 1
chun doo wan 1
mark britten 1
korean thank you 1
dog penis 1
zimbabwe us citizens vacation 2008 1
seth macfarlane family guy harvard speec 1
facebook forwards 1
louis vuitton sales korea 1
education reform in s. korea 2008 1
sexiest korean women 1
funny old facebook bumperstickers victor 1
korean top hit 1
facebook hit forward to see who views pr 1
expat women working in korea 1
american citizen services washington pho 1
living in seoul national university 1
cost of living in daejeon 1

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