I’m now quoted by a magazine I grew up admiring…

Well, not exactly “quoted”, but cited or referred to when trying to support a point…

Earlier tonight, I was just checking out my statistics as I do almost daily.  Yes, I’m addicted to numbers & the traffic that my blog drives.  It’s not something I’m incredibly proud of, but rather it’s very interesting what brings a visitor to my blog.

Nevertheless, I looked at some of the referring links and one picqued my interest.  It had the domain “theatlantic.com” in it and I thought, “the magazine?”  When I was debating in High School, we had an event called Extemporaneous speaking or something along those lines.  We called it “Extemp.”  Most speeches were about current events and politics.  So, we needed current events periodicals like “Foreign Policy“, “Foreign Affairs” or popular news magazines like U.S. News and World Report.  One publication I remembered quite often was ‘The Atlantic.’

Well, now ‘The Atlantic’ is quoting me in terms of a source for a story they wrote recently about “Will English conquer Korea?

**note: the post they do quote was originally news from another English publication in Korea.  It wasn’t originally from my writing.  However, what impresses me though is the fact that I do Search Engine Marketing or my content is stronger in terms of SEO than is most others when the Atlantic journalists had to find sources.

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