The legend Tiger Woods quits golfing — at least in 2008

My golf season is over … along with Tiger Wood’s 2008 season

Actually, I never had a season.  I haven’t even lifted a club for 2+ years, but I feel like my golfing season is over…

Seriously, I just wrote a post about how I watch golf periodically & when I do, it’s rarely interesting unless Tiger Woods is in contention.  However, I just read an article today identifying the legend will miss the rest of 2008 to knee surgery hopefully fixing a torn ligament in his leg.  In the recent U.S. Open golf tournament on his way to winning it in 91 holes, he was seen grimacing and in pain for many parts of the tournament.  It’s now apparent why he was in so much agony during the win.

More about his season ending medical treatment here at Yahoo news.

**A note: I thought to myself though…wouldn’t it be an amazing drama if Woods comes back to golf after 6 months off, struggles to reclaim his dominance, goes through ups and downs and eventually reclaims his greatness on the golf course?  Wouldn’t that be a great story for the books?  Hmmmm…we’ll see in 2009.

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One response to “The legend Tiger Woods quits golfing — at least in 2008

  1. A pretty amazing performance when you think about it.

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