“Porcupine” hunters continue to invade my blog…

The search for porcupine continues to be one of the top searches leading to my blog.  Readers most likely land on this post where a terrier was attacked or should we say a porcupine retaliated and littered hundreds of quills into the dog’s face and body.  The post now is the 3rd highest search term leading to my blog this quarter competing with phrases and words that are more germane to my blog like “thank you in Korean” and “Korean women.”  Maybe I should change this to the porcupine blog?  😉

Check out the search phrases from the quarter for the Living & Working in Korea Guide to English:

**note: another find from this recent surge in “porcupine” searches was this page where it appears there are many dogs who are attacked by porcupines.  Many photos of porcupine quills in dog faces here.

2008-03-21 to Today

Search Views
thank you in korean 465
korean women 198
porcupine 193
thank you korean 109
korean thank you 90
korean customs 89
best commencement speeches 79
funny kids 69
best graduation speech 51
hello in korean 49
naked punishment 49
bronwyn mullen 48
koreans 45
facebook forward 44
worst cities to raise children 42
kyopo 41
unusual customs 39
amazon email address 37
coneheads 34
top rated tv series 31
top 10 tv series 30
randy pausch graduation speech 29
korean hello 27
randy pausch commencement speech 24
worst places to raise kids 24
free masters 23
hanging out naked 23
masturbator pro 22
louis vuitton converse 22
i love you in korean writing 21
forward facebook 20
funny forward email 19
facebook forwards 19
arnold schwarzenegger impressions 18
randy pausch commencement 18
thank you in korea 17
korean 17
naked teacher 17
amazon customer service email address 16
forward on facebook 16
top 100 fiction novels 15
korean ramen 15
embarassing 15
ktx train 14
saying thank you in korean 14
scientific discoveries 14
“thank you” in korean 14
north korean people 14
thank you in korean writing 13
therealsouthkoreawordpress.com 13

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