Google fails to deliver the top websites over and over…

Google is the best search engine right now, but honestly, the best is not enough.

As a consumer, I like to find the “best of…”, the “top websites [in a particular category]”, etc. However, whenever I search for websites like “top 50 retail web sites”, I get websites from 2005. While it’s nice I can get some sort of reference, but in Internet time, 3 years is an eternity.  After 3 years, the websites may be out of business.

Another example would be a search for “top music websites.” I get this 2006 review of music websites which is decent, but again, it’s 2 years old.  This has happened numerous times over the years.

I’m not saying that it’s purely Google’s fault, but at the same time is lingering Search Engine Marketing elements in these older sites that keep it at the top of the Search Engine Rankings Page.  However, one of the criteria perhaps they should change in the algorithm is the “age factor.”  Just because a website is old doesn’t mean it’s relevant.

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