Free hosting & they pay you?

Just tripped over this site when looking for some China Business News sites: The site has a lot of visitors monthly — like close to a million visitors making me feel like maybe it’s relatively legitimate & possibly sticking around for a while.  I read the terms briefly and it looks like everything’s for the most part free.  It even pays you according to this page: – for 1,000,000 Unique Downloads, you get: $1000 USD I guess they just want lots and lots of traffic.  If I sign up, I’ll let you know how it is. 

I’m not saying it’s good or bad.  If I paste an affiliate link here in this site for you guys to click on it, the guys here at WordPress will be unhappy and ban my account — which would suck after almost 2 years of posting.  They’ve actually taken away my account once and after a bunch of complaining because I didn’t know you couldn’t put up affiliate links here, they gave me one chance.  So, after that lesson, I’ve been careful.  Since this isn’t an affiliate link, nor promotion in a positive manner, I thought  I could post this since I thought it was interesting that they would not only give you free hosting, but also pay you for it.  I thought that was a little interesting…and possibly useful if it’s quick.

**Note: if you’re a WordPress administrator and you think this violates the TOC, please email me & I’ll pull it down.  I just thought it was interesting that they gave you both things – free hosting & allowed people to get paid.  Also, I’m not getting a penny nor do I know anybody at the site or know anybody who knows people at the site.

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