More proof why Google will continue to dominate…

Competitions for Business Plans or other events like Science competitions that supposedly try to make it fun for people basically to compete & win something actually have some other intent behind these that the competitors sometimes don’t know about.  The VC’s and Angel Investors who want to find fresh business plans like to see what floats to the top.  Science focused or other Corporations who need the scientists will sponsor the science competitions in hopes of finding their future producers for their companies.  And Google is no exception — they really know how to play in this arena.

Case in point:

I don’t keep up with the developer world, but I accidentally saw a post about how they were going to sponsor an event called the “Google Code Jam.”  The first thought in my mind was “hmmmmmmm, these guys are really good.  they’re going to convince some of the best developers (especially the ones that are competitive) to travel to some event & prove how good they are and WHAM! A job offer or follow up emails from their recruiters will be in the top finishers of the event.”  They’ll continue their dominance in the online world by getting the best — especially since they got incredible benefits to boot to lure those developers anyway…perhaps something Microsoft needs to do?

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