Top English words translated into Korean (phonetically)

I’ve mentioned this site before, but keeps track of the top used English words in the world (possibly from an English, English perspective [UK]).  I thought it was be kind of fun to translate these into how Koreans say it phonetically in their language.  The top 10 aren’t used that often (most of them) or there is less of an equivalent in Korean…so I thought I’d focus on the next 10.

1. the, 2. of, 3. and, 4. to, 5. a, 6. in, 7. that, 8. it, 9. is, 10. was

11. I = Na-neun, Neh-gah or more formally Juh-neun, Jeh-gah,

12. for = Wee-heh

13. on = Wee-eh

14. you = Nuh, but usually Koreans assume that “you” is part of a phrase that’s directed to someone they are speaking to; also, this is the “informal” way of saying it.  You should use “Dang-shin” if you want to be more formal.  However, people don’t use it that often.  The noun is assumed often.

15. he = Geu namjah, but not used that often

25. but = Geun-run-deh; geun-deh


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14 responses to “Top English words translated into Korean (phonetically)

  1. It would be awesome, if you broke down how exactly you went about breaking down each word.

    I’m just picking up the language now as much as possible for the fall, since I’ll be teaching English there.

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  3. Samantha Lopez

    Anyong!Chonun Samantha rango hamnida!
    (Hello!,My name is Samantha .

  4. jean marie sumajit

    an nyeong! my name is jean marie. i really like korean drama series and my most fave korean series is the boys over flowers (kkotboda namja)

  5. aemie

    annyong haseyo..
    ..chonin aemie imnida..
    ..i’d love watching korean drama..

  6. theena

    annyong haseyo..!!
    Chonun TINA rango hamnida..
    I’m also a fun of “KOREAN SERIES AND MOVIES”
    I love watching it.. 🙂
    kansahamnida.. ♥

  7. Can you translate this to english?

    Wae hapil geudaejyo? Geudaereul saranghage dwaetneunji? Gogael jeoeodo anirago haedo, imi geudael notji motaneyo.

    Thank you so much. :DD

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