Wondering why the “Wonder Girls” are so popular…

sexy wonder girls?

Borrowing this from Wikipedia, “The Wonder Girls (Korean: 원더걸스) are a South KoreanAmerican girl group.[1][2] They are produced by singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young and are signed to his talent agency, JYP Entertainment.[2] Each of the five original members were selected through auditions. Ye Eun was the last member to be added, in her fifth JYP Wonder Girls audition. Debuting in 2007, they became popular in fall of that year with the song “Tell Me.”

Well, I never thought the song was that great, but it took off in Korea and everyone from kids to adults copy the girl band by doing the dance they choreographed for the song.  I just don’t get it.  Is it because they’re sexy (Korean) girls? ( They seem pretty average to me) Is it because they are run by Park Jin-young, the guy behind “Rain”, the biggest Korean male singer to come out of Korea?  Maybe I’m starting to realize what other people would say about pop songs I used to listen to and wonder why I even liked them.  Even though I like pop songs, this one wasn’t that great and still confuse me until this day why they’re so popular.  Just my 2 cents…


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2 responses to “Wondering why the “Wonder Girls” are so popular…

  1. random

    think of it like soulja boy in the states or maybe hannah montana. the song’s just catchy and the choreography is easy to follow.

  2. mai-lee

    the song is catchy and the dance steps are easy to learn especially the intro.

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