So, it seems…people on the ‘net are addicted to “Korean women”

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My recent experiment called “SEM Experiment: Are people online mostly interested about sexy Korean girls?” seems to prove that my previous post titled “Koreans are the sexiest dressers” was no fluke.  Like the obscenity case in Flordia where Google data is being proven to show that people are quite addicted online to adult material, it’s being proved here on a micro-scale.

To continue the experiment, I’ll continue to post relatively scandalous pictures of Korean women here and of course “bold” the text in question to see what continues to happen on the Internet.  The reason why I feel like my experiment has pseudo been proven is that I’ve already climbed above 300 views today and I still have like 9 hours left.  While I can’t guarantee it, I may jump above 400 for the first time since my Facebook posts saying that people are stupid to believe the hoaxes posted there on Fun Wall or the other 10 Walls Facebook has.

The pictures of Korean women are of Choi Jin-shil, a mother of two in the picture with two celebrities (she’s the one of the left), the ever glamourous Korean singer & basically model Lee Hyo Ri, a revealing regular dress (but not revealing enough for the censor boards, I guess, for a Korean woman I don’t know, and a recently popular singer by the name of (I believe) Suh In-young with a couple from her past & a recent photo with pics inside her house.


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14 responses to “So, it seems…people on the ‘net are addicted to “Korean women”

  1. x3

    the korean boy bands like tvxq gets millions of hits a day

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  5. chromatic

    Sorry but what is that story “korean women”…
    “Korean Women WHO GOT SURGERY” ITS NOT NATURAL women understand it please ^^,

  6. Globe trotter

    Latina women dude, are the sexiest !

    Wake up/grow up

    Too much Korean women searched on the internet had surgery, or end up suicidal, like the one that brought me to this page.

  7. I’ll give you that Latina women are hot, but wtf did you come to this page if you don’t think they are sexy. You defy your own words…

  8. Latina women are sluts,ugly and not sexy

    @Globe trotter .

    Fuck you and your ugly ass latina women ,you lil bitch !!!

    You grow up , ur lil fag…

  9. Latina women are sluts,ugly and not sexy

    Fuckin’ “gook ” ..!!!!

  10. Tom

    too many disgusting asiaphiles here.

  11. Breezy

    I just find that Korean women are very pretty. Yes, I know quite a bit of them have plastic surgery(but America has that too)…and are sometimes suicidal…
    I’m not dissing other country’s women, but I’m just more into Korea. (Blame SNSD-I’m addicted now.)
    P.S. Latin women are beautiful, but usually a tad bit too much to handle for me…If you get what I’m saying.

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  13. toni

    @breezy maybe because Latinas like only good looking guys and with average to big dicks,therefore you and many chinks here do not qualify in dick’s size,lol Let’s face it mostly Asian Japanese are the best looking,and maybe Chinese second, Koreans are starting to go crazy about plastic surgery,because they have an inferiority complex to Japanese and Chinese women,who by most world standards are the prettiest of all Asians.
    I like Asian women,and I even like this Unwikipedia observation on Asian women:
    I’ve dated Japanese,Chinese,Filipina and a few South Korean women,and a lot of those observations in that Unwikipedia article seem to be accurate.
    I even have several korean friends who complain about south Korean women being too materialistic,and natural liers,as long as they get what they want:a White guy(and sometimes a Black guy) and Money! Also even these korean guys complain at how “slutty” and shallow korean women are by “bashing” their korean men! Japnese women seem to be slutty too,but less back stabbers and less artificial than korean women. Filipinas are “fire” and could cut your balls off if u let them. And some chinese girls will kick u in the balls and stomp u on the floor if u don’t “fuck them long time!”

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