Great talks are what life is about…

You ever have those talks about random topics in college in your dorm where you would stay up all night and just never shut up & finally realize it was 7a when the sun just starting rising?  Well, since my UPS days (and no, I’m not talking about the United Parcel Service, but rather the University of Puget Sound), I really haven’t had more than a few dozen great conversations that would keep me up for hours in the night. 

I have to say thanks to my friend and coworker Jareb for chatting it up with me in the middle of the night after walking home from a late night dinner.  We were getting eaten up by mosquitos (I counted about 8 bites; how about you Jareb?) and we continued to talk about work, then religion, then business stuff, and a bunch of other things in our lives these days.  He’s one of the few here in Busan I’ve been able to really talk about things & really just continue to want to talk despite having an early morning commitment.  I haven’t gotten too close with many here, but I just want to thank him for being so good with his incredible listening skills & willingness to not be critical about things right away.  Good man…

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