Just short of 600 views…

Like I said “porcupines,” “Korean women” and many others like “how to say hello (or thank you) in Korean” are dominating the traffic on the blog these days.  For a snippet of the rest of the popular posts, check out the following WordPress stats for The Real “South” Korea:


Title Views
Interesting images series: don’t mess wi 52 More stats
Saying or writing “Thank You” in Korean 25 More stats
Saying or writing “hello” in Korean 22 More stats
Teacher may be fired for naked punishmen 21 More stats
Koreans are the sexiest dressers 20 More stats
So, it seems…people on the ‘net are ad 15 More stats
10 Unique Korean Customs & Practices 15 More stats
SEM Experiment: Are people online mostly 14 More stats
Mandatory Requirements of Criminal Backg 12 More stats
More specifics behind the new immigratio 11 More stats
Amazon.com’s Customer Service Email Addr 11 More stats
Warning for Americans in Korea 11 More stats
Opening Microsoft’s .docx (Word 2007), . 10 More stats
Saw this in one of my Facebook groups… 8 More stats
Expats Beware: the IRS may take half of 6 More stats
“Only in Korea”: Volume I, Chapter 1 6 More stats
Some Foreigners Bash Korea Unjustly, Unf 6 More stats
WiBro Blankets Seoul, SOUTH KOREA With H 4 More stats
Forget calling collect, but just call fo 4 More stats
Top English words translated into Korean 4 More stats
Interesting Korean words and phrases 4 More stats
a-little-revealing-for-a-regular-korean- 4 More stats
Recent stats of this “Guide in English K 4 More stats
suh-in-young-sexy-image-1 4 More stats
The Karate Kid Redux: Never Back Down 20 4 More stats
Anyone know what this facebook message m 4 More stats
Free taxi rides in Seoul, South Korea 3 More stats
I love these lists: “10 worst cities for 3 More stats
After staying one night in Kangwon land 3 More stats
Carpe Diem may be Latin, but it certainl 3 More stats
choi-jin-shil-is-left-mother-of-2 3 More stats
Going postal in an office 3 More stats
[Outlook section in the JoongAng Ilbo] A 3 More stats
Seoul Upgrades Center for Foreigners 3 More stats
Time’s Top 10 Fiction Books (2007) 3 More stats
Great Arnold Schwarzenegger impression b 3 More stats
lee-hyo-ri 3 More stats
Hagwon Look to Block Unqualified Foreign 3 More stats
“Texting” (a.k.a. text messaging) in Kor 3 More stats
suh-in-young-sexy-image-3-plus-inside-he 3 More stats
Another silly forward on Facebook… 2 More stats
Planning on writing a few books; the tit 2 More stats
Relationship advice: are you kidding me? 2 More stats
Too much computer access in South Korea? 2 More stats
The mysterious Gmail Customer Support 2 More stats
suh-in-young-sexy-image-2 2 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-3 2 More stats
Google’s Adsense Customer Support Contac 2 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-1 2 More stats
Examples of the apostille notarization a 2 More stats
(Incoming Korean President) Lee wants to 2 More stats
The difference in “cell phone culture” b 2 More stats
Phone Technology in the Korean boonies 2 More stats
Busan office of the National Pension Ser 2 More stats
Letting out some tears here in Busan, So 2 More stats
Passionate vs. Irrational Behavior (in K 2 More stats
Wanna be a stewardess? Get in (the long 2 More stats
Speed Doctoring — the “speed dating” of 2 More stats
The beginning of my “real korean lessons 2 More stats
For rent: Very Modern Studio with a view 2 More stats
Did you know we only have 30 days to liv 2 More stats
Reminder: not everyone is so innocent an 2 More stats
On the way to Kangwon land 2 More stats
Seoul Schools May Hire Asian English Tea 2 More stats
Korea changes English speaking standards 2 More stats
Coconut water? A drink for the brain? 2 More stats
Top 10 Series from the Korea Times: Top 2 More stats
Namsung — North Korea’s version of Sams 2 More stats
Free MIT MBA? Free Masters of Science i 2 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-6 2 More stats
Life delivers some of the most unexpecte 2 More stats
Al Gore and Randy Pausch deliver at Carn 2 More stats
Giving while living…from Korea, from a 2 More stats
Private tutoring is outrageous in South 2 More stats
These are the most stupid hoaxes… 2 More stats
Korea’s secrets to it’s economic success 2 More stats
Best deal out of college 2 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-4 2 More stats
Medical help in Korea 2 More stats
My curiosity got the best of me… 2 More stats
New Korean Immigration rules for future 2 More stats
Converse, North Face, & Louis Vuitto 1 More stats
The lack of dryers in South Korea — a c 1 More stats
Degradation of customer service — one p 1 More stats
Surfing American and other Western websi 1 More stats
“Korea moving toward a multicultural soc 1 More stats
“Why Koreans get HIGHLY frustrated with 1 More stats
Stupid comments: REAL vs. FAKE comments 1 More stats
25 websites Time.com (‘s editors) says w 1 More stats
Defending A-Rod is idiotic… 1 More stats
The haters are out in force these days.. 1 More stats
Great talks are what life is about… 1 More stats
The South African Girl Who Captured Kore 1 More stats
I feel for these guys… 1 More stats
What is Brandon in Korean? 1 More stats
What makes me cry…or almost made me cr 1 More stats
Top notch customer service at the local 1 More stats
7 TECHNOLOGY TRENDS IN 2008 1 More stats
Some funny forward of an email that I us 1 More stats
Some foreigner websites for expats here 1 More stats
Caveat Emptor: Comfortfirst.com and Babi 1 More stats
Yellow on yellow violence… 1 More stats
REALLY hanging out with the boys while o 1 More stats
An experiment with some of the top keywo 1 More stats
The “come here” bar in South Korea 1 More stats
Korea’s secrets to it’s economic suc 1 More stats
Some random funny video…good for 9 min 1 More stats
“Learning Korean” becoming popular? 1 More stats
Online Collaboration – spreadsheets and 1 More stats
Seth MacFarlane’s (creator of Family Guy 1 More stats
More stuff on the new rules/changes in t 1 More stats
For UK Citizens who are teaching in Kore 1 More stats
Top 25 Pages in Facebook: Obama, Victori 1 More stats
Persistence and consistency = two keys t 1 More stats
Find inexpensive airfare for travelling 1 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-5 1 More stats
More support for Older Korean women (aju 1 More stats
More proof why Google will continue to d 1 More stats
Supporting my earlier warning that Obama 1 More stats
Time’s Top 10 Man-Made Disasters (2007) 1 More stats
Had my like 5th run in with a native Kor 1 More stats
sexy-korean-girls-2 1 More stats
I guess the drinking is starting to perm 1 More stats
English-immersion plan dropped by Lee’ 1 More stats
U.S. embassy in Seoul reopen(ed) consula 1 More stats
Why the Future is in South Korea 1 More stats
Probably, the the best Commencement spee 1 More stats
Time’s Top 10 Movies (by Critic Richard 1 More stats
Secrets of the European English Teaching 1 More stats
More silly forwards on the funwall in fa 1 More stats
Korea’s endless grapple with English 1 More stats
English education reforms mean good busi 1 More stats
Depressing times: 170,096 people dead in 1 More stats
Wondering why the “Wonder Girls” are so 1 More stats
My personality test results 1 More stats
A Facebook forward I can support 😉 1 More stats


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  2. hi for every Koreans from NY! I’m with you!

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