Facebook as the ultimate online communication tool?

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Facebook image with Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook image with Mark Zuckerberg

Was trying to reach someone I haven’t talked to in a while via their main gmail.com email account…no reply.

A few weeks later when I REALLY had to get in touch with them, I messaged them via Facebook…immediate reply.

Online behavior or communication moving forward is becoming very funny in a somewhat sarcastic way.  We all have multiple messages (or rather any of us who are online in social networks, those of us who have email & of course all that subscribe to a cell phone service) bombarding us regularly.  We filter through those messages as fast as we can.  For some of us, responding after a few days, weeks or even months seems normal.  For others, responding in seconds is our normal way of replying.

However, when the message creator or the person calling needs an answer quickly without pointing it our or even when they say “can you get back to me soon?” — what in our minds is “soon?”  Again, it’s a relative concept.  More importantly, which messages do we pay attention to more?

In the example above, it seems that the person I was trying to reach values more his Facebook messages over his gmail account.  However, maybe his gmail account is flooded with all sorts of other messages.  At the same time, the Facebook message probably went to his gmail account except he saw it more readily than another message of mine.

Recently, I’ve been talking to some folks to help them start up their offices here in Korea.  They reached out to me via Facebook.  Without Facebook, the connection may have not occurred.  The other party in the team who ended up chiming up after the initial contact was an old Facebook friend that I haven’t talked to much more than the initial “hi” when we both connected a while back.  However, out of the blue, I find that he’s a part of the team and messages come through gmail or facebook, but regardless, the latter has power.

Do you respond to your facebook messages before your regular emails?  How about Yelp messages or any social network which basically sends you only a “heads up” that you have a message awaiting you on Facebook?  Are we more curious about those messages than those who have all the details on our main email accounts?  Does it give us the excuse to jump over to Facebook for other reasons?  Facebook now at least places the text of the message in the Facebook message so you don’t have to enter Facebook in order to read your message.  But guess what?  You have to login though to reply to the message.

It’s the beauty of Zuckerberg’s invention (to him, at least), eh?

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