Half way to one thousand posts!

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What can I say?

I’ve been blogging quite a bit the past 18 months.  This will be my 501st post officially.  My 500th post was about the recent statistical & viral effects of complaints when they have affected more than just one person.

I guess I’m close to pacing at an average of one post a day since February 2007.  It has been interesting watching the statistics:

In the first month of posting, I had 27 views.  I didn’t break 100 views in a month until the third month.  (By the way, views have been equating to close to one visitor per view using statcounter.com to audit the details)  It took over 6 months to finally collect 1000+ views per month for this The Real “South” Korea blog.  Now I’m tracking this many (1000+) views in a half a week.  In December of 2007, I had just short of 8500 visits & about 7000-8000 visitors.

I slowly decreased to the 4000 views/visitors a month over the next four months because I didn’t post anything at all and wasn’t so interested in writing.  After picking up and actively posting again for the past three months, I’ve climbed back up to my highest total for a month in June 2008 with a tad about the December 2007 results.  This month, I’m tracking for possibly 9000, but can’t jinx it … even though I probably did by writing it here.

It’s quite enjoyable writing & watching the traffic increase over time.  If anyone ever wants to know any of the fine details or needs advice, feel free to comment & I’ll follow up.  Thanks for reading!  Cheers…

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