Married in the Church of Google…

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Might not be so far from the truth…Google (like Microsoft) wouldn’t mind being in every aspect of human lives.  It PAYS to be a part of everything human.  They wrote on their blog recently that they “love stories about how [their] products help people.”  They wrote about how a couple recently blogged (on their blogging tool) their marriage from beginning to end with Google products

Yes, I sound cynical about how Google is writing about this very innocent sounding application of their tools, but wasn’t it not so long ago we complained about how Microsoft was in our every part of our lives?  Once Bill Gates and his soldiers’ products were in every houshold, didn’t the whole world call it the ‘evil empire?’  Why is it that Google can get away with doing the same thing?  Is it that they are better at being less direct about it?  Is it that they can sneak in a adwords advertisement into your view instead of a blaring popup banner?  Is it because they give you many products for free, but at some point plan on monetizing it somehow (hmmmm, can we say Internet Explorer?!  Which by the way was one of the larger arguments of the ‘evil empire’ taking over the world)?

Anyway, I can’t elaborate too much on this note, but it’s just food from thought…

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One response to “Married in the Church of Google…

  1. Phil

    Google’s getting into way too many things. They’re basically turning into what Microsoft was criticized in becoming a while back.

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