I can’t sleep…

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I’m more tired than I’ve been in a long time, but I can’t sleep…

Yesterday, I went to sleep at like 8a in the morning & woke up around 12p…to get into work on time. Yes, I work from 1p to 10/11p daily. It matches the work schedule of most of my coworkers. I should be sleeping now because I’m going to have a long day tomorrow, I’m sure. However, I can’t.

Ever since coming to Korea and working for my company, I’ve adjusted to the schedule which makes me stay up later each night. I’ve always been a night owl, I guess, but sometimes it’s ridiculous like tonight. I should be sleeping.

Work’s been stressful lately. It may be due to me thinking about all the issues at work. The interesting thing is I’m working harder than I’ve been in a long time and yet the problems and issues just keeping on piling up. It’s amazing…the more you do, the more you feel behind. Sometimes, I just care too much and put too much effort & sincerity into everything. It makes my head want to explode at times. I was trying to get off work around 10:50a tonight, but I literally got 7 calls in a row back to back & had one who said they were going to call me at midnight, but thank God that he didn’t call…I mean, it would of just been the topper. I know what we’re going to have to talk about tomorrow, but I needed it to be tomorrow…thank you Larry.

I jumped back online because I couldn’t sleep and starting writing this post. Before this, I glanced at my “friend’s blogs” list & clicked on Glenda B.’s blog. I don’t think I’ve seen a post on it for ages despite checking here and there, but she had two new posts I hadn’t seen. I guess she’s been blogging for like 10 years now. That’s like an eternity in Internet age. It’s like literally HALF of the time the Internet has been in existence.

She also had a post about a death of a friend recently. It was sad to read. It reminds me I need to get on my project called WhenILeave.com I’m currently trying to get some developers to help me build V. 1 of this — the alpha version. After that, I’ll start trying to build more, but will probably need to raise some funds to get some stronger developers on it & people who believe in it. Right now, I’m still working on the business plan. It’s been my dream to do this before 2001…

Anyhoo, I need to get to sleep. Someone please help me sleep!

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