Directions to the Immigration office in Busan South Korea

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Directions to the Immigration office in Busan:

Take the subway on line #1 to the Jungang-dong station (#112), take exit #10 out of the subway and walk towards the water (follow signs for Busan International Ferry Terminalnot the Coastal Terminal) for about 5 minutes until you see on your right BUSAN IMMIGRATION (2nd floor) or 부산출입국사무소. It is tucked away in between the Customs building and the Ferry Terminal.


Busan Immigration Authority
#17-26 Jungang-dong 4-ga, Jung-gu, Busan
Tel: +82 (0) 51 461 3030/3041/3061

Note: The immigration office closes for lunch between 12:00 and 1pm daily.

**This comes courtesy of a little research I did online & MOSTLY from our GREAT teacher Tom Fenton’s recent visit to the office & him revising my initial instructions.


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15 responses to “Directions to the Immigration office in Busan South Korea

  1. Phil

    Thanks for posting. I’ll be needing to go there sometime in the next month…

  2. Susan

    So, is this the same one as the one for Changwon city?

  3. No, it isn’t. I believe the one for Changwon is in Masan city. Let me know if you need further information. Cheers.

  4. John

    Anyone know if it is open on Saturday? Thanks

  5. Don’t believe so. If banks don’t open on Saturdays, I’m thinking that this gov’t office along with most gov’t offices don’t open on Saturday. Give them a call…

  6. John

    Figured it was worth a try, but I’m sure you’re right. Thanks. Peace

  7. kent

    hi,is there anybody here knows the email address of busan immigration office?i need to send email to them but i cant find the address,,pls help,thanks

  8. Unfortunately, even if there is, it’s best to speak to them in person. They aren’t really receptive to emails from my experience. You may be able to email the Seoul offices — they are a little more connected to online resources. They are at:

  9. kent

    thank you very much therealsouthkorea for the info.,,,more power,,,,,,,

  10. tay

    모든 진실에 메시지를 보냅니다. 내용은 첨부 확인할 수있습니다.
    타이어 여성이 있기 때문에 사람이 한국 사람에게 위험이있습니다. 그것은 여성들이 한국에서 일하고 타이어 여성을 설득하는 것이 좋습니다. 이제이 사람이 마사지 가게에서 한국 남부 일했다. 그리고 많은 사람들이 함께이 사람과 작업, 그녀의 이름 Natason Tanpipanchai ID 카드 3520101502273. 한국의 가게 주인의 전화 번호 010-49515541 남성입니다. 터미널 Tongyong 자연 저장소 호텔 근처 전화 번호 010-89392255 저장소를 이전합니다. 이 사람들은 호텔 5 층에 살고있습니다.

  11. muugii

    please send me busan immigration address by korean languege

  12. louie ko

    sir/madam good day…here;s are list of illegal alien residing in okpo kangnim daugu city the name of the comapny is JONJIL INDUSTRY THEY ARE EMPLOYING MANY ILLEGAL ALIEN AS WORKER …ASAP!!!

  13. jaguar

    anyong…i want to repport this old woman her daugther just invite hr to visit korea or caring hr grand childrens insted of but why shes working since she coming hr in korea i wonder why d korean immigration dont chek this she almost stay hr for goin one year coz they keep on extending hr visa ..noemi pabillon is her name kidly chek this….

  14. it moved to the korea air building floor one.

    go out exit 14 jungang and walk straight for four blocks it will be on your right on the corner.

  15. dhilyn

    i just want to report an illegal alien (vietnam saram) here in muchicke kongdan… every morning at around 7:40 am, he passes by at pando shiktang, riding on a bycycle…

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