She’s pretty, but the most recent album release sucks

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Lee Hyori's "It's Hyorish"

Lee Hyori's "It's Hyorish"

Granted…I haven’t heard the whole album, but her first single is a just a bunch of highly paid producers, her typical copying of other previous fads and a lot of glitz.  Check out the relatively unenertaining recent release by Lee Hyori:

Sometimes I start to like the music after I hear it over and over…but for now, I’m not a fan despite her being one of the sexiest Korean women on the Korean pop front.  Rather, she’s got one of the best smiles which puts her there.


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6 responses to “She’s pretty, but the most recent album release sucks

  1. dan calypso

    Huh? You post a negitive article without any real support of your opinion. Please, rethink your spam.

  2. It’s my personal opinion. I didn’t say it didn’t sell or doesn’t sell. Just thought the quality of the music sucked…doesn’t mean she sucks.

  3. Hyori the sexy !!

    HyoRi is beautiful ,and talented !!!
    No need to be so judgmental ,without listening to her whole album .

    She has nice personality ,check her Family Outing show .
    Very dorky and cute..

  4. toi_la_ruby

    the quality of the music sucked??? but a lot pp like it,, and she got award too
    if u dont like her so u dont need to write nothing it will better that write negative thing

  5. Blobbb

    yo…hyori is like…fail =.=
    she’s like a freakin slut, shaking her boobs and ass everywhere
    she has verrrry little fashion sense, and dresses like a freakin hooker
    she has no talent whatsoever, because people like her for her plastic face and body
    Im rly not surprised her album is unpopular. =.=
    to all you hyori lovers that reply:

  6. nice blog!!! please visit us, thanks^^

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