Using your gmail more effectively: 10 tips straight from the horse’s mouth

gmail 1 image

gmail 1 image

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Google’s Gmail team recently announced their 1 year anniversary in publishing posts about the email service.  In the announcement, they shared with us the top 10 most read Gmail tips posts.

Very specifically, they include (paraphrased in the way I understand them):

  1. How to suggest new features for Gmail
  2. Importing old email into Gmail
  3. Editing contacts directly from your chat list
  4. Being able to change your email address from the original and still getting the emails
  5. How to search better with your gmail
  6. Less known features on gmail you may want to use
  7. More little known features on gmail that may be handy and Part 2 of this
  8. Using Gmail from anywhere (IMAP vs. POP)
  9. Spicing up your gmail account
  10. Justifications for archiving on gmail


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10 responses to “Using your gmail more effectively: 10 tips straight from the horse’s mouth

  1. Bob

    I am new to Gmail. I don’t know if you can help me with this problem. Is there a way to scroll through your contact list, selecting several address for a forwarded email to many people. I can retrieve a few addresses at a time by typing in the first letter, a cumbersome process when you want to select many from a larger contact group.

    thank-you, Bob

  2. I don’t think the forwarding functions are that versatile. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to submit to the first link showing how to submit new features. Sorry that I don’t know the solution for you now…don’t think it exists yet.

  3. Robyn

    That is the only thing I don’t like about gmail. . .not being able to forward from your contact list.

  4. Saurabh

    if u always forward to the same people you could create a group.Now you can enter the first letter of the group in the send list and it inserts all the doesnt cover for the deficiency but is handy

  5. I am having a problem with Gmail that is so severe that I have been exploring options for using a POP mail client or a different email service altogether. I often receive new messages in the form of replies to messages I’ve sent. I do not see these new messages arrive because they are buried under pages and pages of older message (or message threads). I have missed excruciatingly important messages this way. AFor example, a death was reported to me and I never saw that message come in. I ONLY ACCIDENTALLY discovered the message when, for a *completely unrelated* reason, I did a search on the sender of that email. This is just one of many examples of Victorian miscommunications that have threatened both personal and professional relationships, and denied me access to information that had critical bearing on my life decisions.

    This problem has been wreaking havoc in my personal and professional domains for two years (although it took me a while to become aware that it was happening at all).

    I have searched in vain for a solution this problem.

    I am livid with frustration.

    I have never had this problem with any other email client or service (and I have used many), no matter how overwhelmed with messages I was.

    The problem is, now I have two years of data (7,500 messages) archived and tagged and sorted in Gmail. Transferring this information to a different email client or service, and re-sorting all of it there, would be a staggering task.

    If you know what I can DO to solve this problem, please advise.

  6. Tadez

    1.Go to Inbox
    2.Look at the top of the Inbox page and
    3.See the 2 buttons “Search Mail” and “Search the Web”.
    4.To the right of the buttons click “Show Search Options”.
    5.In the Search box, select “All Mail”.
    6.In the Date within box, select “1 day”.
    7.Leave all other boxes blank.
    To retrieve past mail, tweak the Date within boxes.

  7. Jon

    i think the new verstion of the gmail is a little canfussing at first but when you get the hang of it it is easy and fun i like to chat with my friend Andrew and he is so fun.

  8. gaurav

    can i request gmail developers to add mail notification or mail alert function such as sound alert to inform that there is a new mail.

    If this feature is already there can any one tell how to activate it.


  9. Nicholas Sergeant

    I am using gmail and Mozilla as on board client. Has been fine for about a year.

    Now I may have lost a lot of my Inbox, its contents have suddenly been reduced to a single page. But all mail is still on gmail. Is there a way to reload from gmail? Mozilla support have not got an answer (I asked and heard nothing back).


  10. You’ll possibly need to contact Gmail customer support. Sorry to hear about it. I think you have to post your problem here:

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