A Korean Scarface?

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A British guy said this about a movie I saw (or resaw) recently:

Bittersweet Life Cover

Bittersweet Life Cover

“This was possibly the greatest film I have ever seen. It was superb on so many different levels. The script, the fighting, the special effects all mould the perfect film. Within the first ten minutes i knew this film was going to keep me on the edge of my seat. I have never been so excited by action scenes before and never laughed with so much shock at the extent of brutal fighting. It is a genre of its own as it has none of that Hollywood business where the bad guys always fail and the main character is invincible and although love is a factor it is not overplayed. This film is electrifying to say the very least. It has more fist action than all the ROCKYs put together, more blood than Goodfellas and is as exciting if not more than a Tarantino film.”

In Korean, it’s called “Dalkomhan insaeng” or in Hangul: “달곰한 인생”.  In English, they’ve translated this film as a “Bittersweet Life.”  For some reason, it reminds me of Scarface starring Al Pacino in terms of it’s violence.  However, as stated in the review above on IMDB, supposedly it reminds this other guy as Goodfellas possibly in Korea?  Regardless, it gets the blood running (for us males) in terms of wanting to see the main character get his revenge after almost being buried alive for not killing his bosses’ girlfriend.

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One response to “A Korean Scarface?

  1. filmman

    Easily in my top 5. Brilliant movie and something Tarantino’s always wanted to make, but hasn’t been able to yet.
    Desperately trying to find this director’s previous films and can’t wait to see what he makes (or has made) since.
    Seek this movie out!

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