A Korea Movie you’ll DEFINITELY remember

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I have an eraser in my head

I have an eraser in my head

Get ready to gush out a cloud full of tears…this 2004 Korean Romance Film titled “Nae meorisokui jiwoogae” or directly translated into English “I have an eraser in my head” is one of the better sad love stories you’ll see.  The International title though is “A Moment to Remember.”  I’ve seen some tear jerkers from Korea, but this one definitely didn’t help my tear ducts stay full.  The first of  26 segments follows.

If you’d like to watch the rest, click on more.

Here’s the link to a Youtube Playlist of all the 26 segments: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F20EA71991723535 It plays automatically for you, but to switch to full screen, I’m not sure how to keep it set there.

Here’s some reviews of the flick — not much criticizing it…

Top par Romance, 13 March 2005
Author: hasaangilani85 from Calgary, Canada

I’m not the kind of guy who likes a Romance movie very often. To be honest there have been only a few movies before this in the genre which I thought were great. Enter “A Moment to Remember” (unofficial English title) which swept me away with it’s amazing characters, decent story and tear jerking tragedy romance. Though the film is definitely has a lot of commercial elements to it, it still has a certain charm that is lacking in today’s Hollywood films. The story may be simple but its the direction that is well done and sets the pace nicely. I also loved the musical score in the movie which was very well done especially during the last scene when its about to end.

Simply an amazing movie though not perfect is right up there in my top movie list in this genre. A solid 9/10.

Truly a Tearjerker, 27 February 2006
Author: linkinem41 from Nepal

this movie is very close to being a masterpiece.

one of my friend’s sister from Malaysia brought home this movie’s DVD. i lended it from my friend. and what i witnessed was one of the best Asian movie i have ever seen. this movie does have some really good emotional blows to deliver to the viewers. well i watched this movie a long time ago but however i am obliged to add a comment to make people aware of some good emotional movies.

THIS MOVIE Isn’t IN English and what we need to do is follow the subtitles and there is a scene in this movie where the emotion reaches such a hype that the tears pile up in your eyes that you cant keep the track of the subtitles however, we continue crying now that is what i call experience

to talk about acting Jung Woo-Sung and Son Ye-Jin both were min-blowing all in all A MOVIE TO REMEMBER.

well before i rap up let me tell you this that you will cry yes you WILL CRY OUT LOUD,and don’t tell me that i dint warn you.

10/10 One of the most emotional movies ever.

excellently, 17 August 2005
Author: (ardentay) from Singapore

This is another great production from Korea. Korea have really made a name for themselves producing love stories just like A Moment To Remember. Son Ye Jin absolutely suited the role which was to be played and so did Jung Sung Woo. At the beginning, he was seen as an arrogant man with little feelings, and yet the way Son Ye Jin taught him the way to love and treasure life was so touching. Until tragedy struck for her, it was a great movie. It was love at its highest level. I would recommend this movie to anyone in this world. Even to those who dislike draggy love movies, this movie teaches a lot about treasuring your loved ones before its too late. An absolutely great production. I Love this movie. Watch It!

A Moment to Remember!, 6 November 2005
Author: henrykong from United Kingdom

Beautiful Son Yae Jin (The Classic) and handsome Jung Woo Sung (Musa – The Warrior, Mutt Boy) share A Moment to Remember! Su-Jin (Son Yae Jin) and Chol-Su (Jung Woo Sung) meet under seemingly average, normal circumstances. Su-Jin is exiting an affair with a married man, and Chol-Su is working for Su-Jin’s father as a carpenter, and when they finally meet it’s as if it was meant to be. Their love is affectionate and their marriage as close to perfect as can be…but is fate truly that kind? Su-Jin surprisingly contracts Alzheimer’s disease, and the tragic struggle they face both threatens and strengthens their love. But for how long? As Su-Jin’s memory begins to leaves her, the disease they face may turn out to be too much for even a love as strong as theirs… A Moment to Remember is the latest representative of Korea’s stunningly popular tragic drama genre, and features two of the region’s brightest stars. Son Yae Jin shines as the tragically afflicted Su-Jin, and Jung Woo Sung brings photogenic cool to the role of the supportive and loving Chol-su. This 2-DVD set of A Moment to Remember comes with various extras, including filmmaker commentary, and a Director’s Cut that restores nearly 30 minutes of extra footage!

Total tearjerker… and I still fell for it…, 9 May 2006
Author: sukapesta from p-town

Having watched so many Korean movies and dramas that end with someone having a terminal illness (Autumn in My Heart, I’m Sorry I Love You, remember those?) I thought I’d discovered all the tearjerker tricks… Nothing, however, could have prepared me for this one… Unlike the previous deals, the illness doesn’t so much kill you physically as it does mentally, and trust me, that is much much worse… First of all I’d like to commend the screenwriter for hitting the right spot with the first half… I thought the history between the couple is presented really well… I don’t know why some people think it’s too fast-paced cos it is possible for people to fall in love and get married in that amount of time, and I thought the use of elliptical editing was just right, not so excessive that you feel like you’re seeing a trailer… The second half is the one that I think felt a little bit rushed, but the story is so mesmerizing that honestly you don’t really care… And Cheol-soo is one heck of a husband, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to do what he did (and let me warn you girls, that guys like Cheol-soo exist only in movies)… And I didn’t think the ending was ambiguous, more like open-ended… The last scene is guaranteed to make you shed buckets… The cinematography is beautiful, as others have mentioned… They did a lot of close-ups with both characters in the same frame, which I think is really endearing… And also panoramic shots of the land where they wanted to build their house which were beautiful… My favorite thing, however, is the soundtrack… The Spanish songs are right on target but my absolute favorite is when they played “Nessun Dorma!” from Turandot (my favorite aria of all time) during the wedding scene… I cried, and it wasn’t even the sad part yet… All and all, fabulous, fabulous movie… 10/10

“A Moment to Remember, not soon to be forgotten….”, 26 April 2005
Author: VoodooKlown from USA
First off, this is the saddest movie I have ever seen. Having said that, it is also one of the cutest love stories I have ever seen….

My review will be simple and to the point. The acting here is superb. Thats why the story works so well in my opinion. You can really let yourself go and get in there and feel for these people. In typical Korean fashion, this works as a slow burn. For about an hour or so, you just kind of follow the story of these two people falling in love and being happy together and wondering “what’s the big deal – it’s just a typical love story, right?” . Wrong. You will then start to notice little things that will make you feel a bit uneasy, then bang – time for the relentless hold of what you have now realized is going on and what a tragic circumstance that it is. This is especially heart wrenching because the story is so well done in that first seemingly hour of nothingness, you grew so attached to these people.

Fabulous film, please find this movie and watch it.

You can’t stop crying, 2 September 2007
Author: nightfallpoem

This film is a love story…First,you can say why this movie not popular it’s all about you are American and i’m not you got? now,film is about romance,losing feels and family …i can say this is the best i have ever seen really i can say it…movies advise not enough but if you can have it must watch this great thing…if you are relaxing when you crying this is yours… i didn’t cry any movie before i saw this…when i watch this god i couldn’t stop cry…then again and again ,last 45 minutes i was crying ….i pry you see this movie… My vote 10/10 and this is my one of the best now than shawshank redemption…come on find this and start cry…

This movie is great., 27 June 2008
Author: le1321 from Japan

Cheol-Sue (Woo-sung Jung) is a carpenter. Su-jinn(Ye-jinn Son) is Cheol-Sue’s boss’s daughter. They got married and lived happily. But Su-jinn became Alzheimer’s. Since then, their life became breaking…

This is a Korean movie. I like Korean movie, because It’s expression is straight and easy to understand. I cried to see this movie. If I were Cheol-Sue, I could’t help going mad. I think the pain of forgetting dearest is so strong. And I do not want to lose memories that I spent with dearest,family,friends… I came to think of happiness of health. This movie make people think about Alzheimer’s. Please see this movie and think about Alzheimer’s.

love is a free for all or none at all, 3 June 2008
Author: kakushi_ken_oni_no_tsume from Romania

i always used to think that love is a stuck-up bitch that bites you in the ass when you least expect it. this movie made me go back on that belief and think about it twice before going out in a blaze of glory thinking the worst. this one is a real tear jerker by the gallon, goes to show that koreans are far better than indians in my opinion in the gender. i don’t usually shed tears when watching a love story but this movie can lighten and bring down on its knees even the most ruthless, cold hearted, insensitive soul. i watched this movie last night and i was tremendously impressed with the story mainly because it is one of those rare stories where something like this can happen. i mean alzheimer, come on, it’s pretty damn serious and it’s one thing when you have no one to care about you and another when due to the illness lives of your loved ones are practically ruined. i watched the notebook prior to watching a moment to remember in the same day but the effect that the notebook had vs this movie, PALES. A moment to remember will make you cry big time no matter how much you try opposing it no matter how macho and insensitive you think you are, YOU WILL CRY guaranteed. if you don’t believe a word i’m saying or if you think this is B.S, watch the movie and when you get to the middle and the beginning of the second half and throughout the end, you will see my point.the story is well developed, not too slow and not too fast, the perfect pace for such a dramatic film, no plot holes at all and excellent acting, which shows the actors took heartedly to the story. it’s the kind of story that makes you feel sorry for one of the main character and the kind of fate that you would never wish upon anyone, because it is irreversible. instead of having alzheimer, we’d all be better off dead, no matter how much our loved ones suffer. it’s you you have to think of first in such a given situation and not them, no matter how selfish it may or may not seem. peace all !! and

enjoy this wonderful piece of cinematography.

Totally Enchanting Romance, 29 June 2005
Author: sain11 from Australia

This review is based on the Directors Cut of A Moment to Remember so I am not sure how different this may be from the theatrical release. However, this is by far the best drama/romance I have seen in recent years. The concept, story, and script are original, subtle and very thought provoking.

The cast is superb, lead by a devastating performance by leads SOHN Je-jin and JUNG Woo-sung, who capture the extreme emotional ranges of their characters amazingly.

Director John H Lee has certainly got a lot of talent. Every shot in this film is beautiful and rich, the cinematography is great. This visual flair (which is unusual for a romance film) enables the viewer to easily get absorbed into the film.

It takes a lot to get an emotional response from me, but this film sure did. If you are looking for a great romantic drama that is uplifting and heartbreaking in equal measures then this is the film for you.


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4 responses to “A Korea Movie you’ll DEFINITELY remember

  1. azncece

    Really liked the movie…
    Son Ye Jin’s play was really good 😉 I even bought the DVD !

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  4. nicey

    yes, guys,correct correct and correct!!!the movie A Moment To Remember Or Eraser In My Head is really a great movie,superb,and definitely a movie you will never forget. Gung Woo Sung and Son Yae Jin did fit the roles, they did the movie really very well.yohooo..this movie is a perfect 10. It made me cry so hard that even my mother looked at me, i nver stopped crying. you should watch this guys…This movie is better than other hollywood movies.

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