Reviews & thoughts of the PIFF films I saw

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Well, this year was a bit disappointing for a number of reasons at PIFF:

1) Some random gal from Hong Kong emailed me prior to the festival starting and asked me to buy her tickets.  After a bit of initial concern that I would never get paid, I decided to take a chance and buy her 4 tickets and make several trips to the bank on her behalf.  She communicated a bit via email (albeit inconsistently) which made it appear she would come, but then ended up cancelling last minute before I could get a refund on the tickets.  I ended up out of the money for the tickets.  She had the gall to ask about tickets for next year in the same delinquent email. 

2) No Midnight Passion movies for me since they were all sold out (and adding to the pain, I heard in the 4th set of movies had a great flick called “Regliguous” with Bill Marr that was good).

3) Most of the movies I saw were mostly documentaries or had a documentary feel to them.  I have nothing against documentaries, but an occasional unrealistic story like “Il Mare (The Lakehouse)” would be enjoyable to watch.  The movies seemed to be the producer/director’s first or one of their first movies because they really edited them poorly.

One of my coworkers said it best when he described how some international films are made.  He basically said that somtimes scenes are drawn out much longer than needed.  Case in point: Gomorrah didn’t need to be over 2 hours to make it’s point, nor did many of the other films.  It sort of shows how some of these directors are not the best editors yet.  At the same time, it may also show that we lack patience as well as a viewer…

4) I didn’t really get to see much that was in “Korean.”  I know I’m biased, but I like Korean films the most.

On a positive note though, I was somewhat impressed by the Filipino flickcalled Confessional.  Disgrace was good for the most part as well despite a sudden ending and Gomorrah was decent despite being a bit long.  I’m still grateful I got to see all the movies and PIFF exists.  It’s still a great venue for movies to premiere and for us consumers to enjoy.


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2 responses to “Reviews & thoughts of the PIFF films I saw

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  2. Sorry to hear that you didn’t have as good a PIFF experience as you hoped. I was the one bombarding you with questions just before the event started last year. Anyway, thank you for replying then.

    I managed to see pretty much all that I wanted to see – basically worked out all the details of navigating the film fest through sheer planning and trial and error, singlehandedly. Here is a compilation of tips in attending PIFF:

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