Appreciating “being healthy”

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I’m barely able to type today needing my left hand to support my right arm whenever I need to move it more than a few inches.  This past weekend at a recreational event for my company, people were jumping on my scooter to ride around the courtyard.  I jump on and go a little faster than most and find out that the gravel/dirt on the playground is too loose to go too quickly and “Wham!”, I land on my right shoulder not knowing what had just happened.

Due to the shock, I was able to get back on and ride it back to the starting point, but since then, I’ve been reeling in pain and wondering what happened.  I barely could get out of bed this morning and have to go back to the doctors tomorrow to potentially see how bad the injury really is.

This post isn’t about the actual injury, but you really do start to appreciate what you “had” when you are healthy.  As a reminder to all of you who are injury free and healthy — you don’t know how good you got it.  I was sitting “feeling bored” before this little mishap, but now realize I should of taken advantage of simply being healthy.  Now, I’m going to have a harder time staying healthy and it hasn’t been easy cooking or eating.  I’ve been eating out for the most part instead of using the stuff in my fridge.

Anyway, hopefully, I’ll remember how good it really is when I’m injury free.  I hope you all do too…


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2 responses to “Appreciating “being healthy”

  1. Sun

    Dude, a motor vechicle isn’t a toy. Disrepect it and you will pay. Seriously, if you mess around you could easily die. Hope that you get well. If you landed on your shoulder it could be a rotator tear, get an MRI ASAP and start PT quick.

  2. Alright dad…just kidding. Seriously, I know you’re right. We always do stupid things “in the present” without thinking, but it’s a good reminder regardless. Turns out my shoulder blade/collar bone was only slightly bent out of shape, but I need to wear a brace for a while. Nevertheless, I hear you, I hear you and it’s definitely something I realize I need to be doing far less of…

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