A switch in focus with my blog

Lately, I’ve been absent from writing.  It’s probably not a big deal though because I don’t have a lot of regular readers — just a lot of random people landing here because of searches for “porcupine” or “Korean women.” 

The former is a result from a picture of a dog with hundreds if not thousands of porcupine quills I posted a long time ago.  It was just a picture that made you step back when you first saw it — thus, the post.  The latter is because one day I wrote something about how Korean women are incredibly sexy in their dress (which is true, by the way).  I decided to test search engine marketing patterns and just posted a few more posts to test if the increase in keyword density and pictures could increase the traffic.  It did.

These days, rather I’m always focused on trying to find some way to pay back my credit card debt I’ve accumulated over the years as a result of the frozen pipes disaster about 4+ years ago and the ensuing efforts to find a quick fix.  Lately, I’ve been thinking we’re really in a good situation with the stock market and think there’s a bit of money to be made since most equities are at all time lows. 

Yesterday, I got back in for the first time.  At first, the market was testing the depths of the market and you could only see red and losses.  I bought three stocks: MGM, AES and GNW.  The first, I’ve been thinking of buying for over a month now given they own basically the largest properties on the Las Vegas strip (Bellagio, Mirage, NY NY, Mirage) and own the rights to the World Series of Poker along with many other things including the new City Center project being built which is one of the most expensive real estate projects in history.  One of the problems is that they are tied to this with a Dubai company and since it’s very large and the economic forecasts aren’t great currently, people are probably wondering if the property will just sit and do nothing (meaning making no money).  Well, despite this, their current quarter was strong and they haven’t been unprofitable for a while — still raking in the cash.  Worst case scenario though is that they fail on this project, but they have so much property and rights that they MUST be worth more than the $10.77 they are at now.  Just my thoughts… 

AES was on a whim since this Utilities company had good earnings yesterday.  I bought it before it climbed to over $8 (at $7.55).  I was thinking that it would have a temporary rise & I could just sell on the small rise & get out with minor profits.  Just was testing the waters.  The market was going down and barely moving until the later part of the day yesterday and so I sold too early.  I made a slight profit, but could of done better if I kept it.

GNW was also on a whim.  However, after I got in at 1.02 and then bought more at .97, I was reading more about Genworth Financial and thought it’s more exposed than I thought to the current economic mess.  However, if I would of kept the 3000 shares, I would of profited close to $1500 by the end of the one day — it didn’t happen until the end of the day though.  I was worried that the market would crash again, but when I think about it, the market may drop another leg down, BUT over the long term, it will be fine.  Even the huge messes like Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers still have value.  Others that are getting hit by the current financial panic still have a bit of value.  I was just too worried that Genworth would come out with some news that would of snapped my investment in half.  So, what…what’s a $1500 loss for the chance to make $3000 or more, right?  OK, I was shaking in my seat when I had the money in there (active), but now it’s easier to act as if it was nothing, right?  More about stocks most likely on the blog…

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