iPhone available in Korea (in 2009)

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iPhone PicThe popular American gadget, Apple’s iPhone is set to be officially allowed in South Korea coming up next year in 2009.   According to this article from the Joongang Daily, the iPhone will debut in South Korea in April.

An excerpt from the article:

Popular Phones to invade Korean Market

Change in software regulation will allow in the iPhone and BlackBerry
December 11, 2008
Starting next April, the iPhone, BlackBerry and other foreign-made cell phones will be able to make their Korean debut without Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability, the Korea Communications Commission announced yesterday.

The nation’s three mobile phone operators will also be able to decide if they want to keep the cell phone software platform, known as WIPI.

WIPI was developed to boost the local mobile Internet industry in 2001 and was adopted in 2005 as the standard platform by local handset makers.

Under Korean law, any handset marketed in Korea must come installed with WIPI. But WIPI was a stumbling block for foreign-produced phones.

“The world’s handset market is rapidly changing from closed platforms to open mobile operating systems. In order to keep pace with the trend and provide more rights to cell phone users, we decided to abolish mandatory installation of WIPI,” the KCC said in a statement.

Through abolishing compulsory use of WIPI, the KCC is supporting a new version of the platform – WIKI 3.0 – to support small WIPI content providers. Local mobile phone operators welcomed the KCC’s decision.

“It [the abolition of WIPI] was a timely decision considering the world’s changing handset market environment where more and more handsets adopt open platforms,” said Paik Chang-don, a manager of SK Telecom, the leading mobile phone operator.”

More from the article here.

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One response to “iPhone available in Korea (in 2009)

  1. It’s already available here in Dubai. thuogh I don’t know if it is smuggle or not.. 🙂

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