A real update to my life

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Bike crash photo

Bike crash photo

Most days, I don’t feel this is a REAL personal blog — writing about my life and about me.  The posts here are usually about what I’m thinking or what others are thinking & I find interesting.  However, I thought I’d write a tad about ME today…

Why all of a sudden?  Well, I just got the wind knocked out of me riding down the driveway of my building’s parking lot.  I thought to myself “Who in this world right now cares?”  Fortunately, the nice security guard/parking lot attendant came to my rescue and tried to help me.  After catching my breath, checking my leg to see if I was gushing out blood and if I could stand straight up despite what it felt to be a puncture into my rib cage, I told him I was o.k.  The point is that when things like this happen in our life, who ends up hearing about it?  Well, if we’re humble, very few learn about it.  Instead, you want your friends and family to at least hear about your well being.  So, I want the people who care to read about it now. 

This year has been a year of physical and other forms of pain.  Financial, emotional, etc.  I realize it’s been a HUGE financial pain for many in the world given the economic collapse or downturn in most world economies.  However, I had crashed on a scooter I bought earlier which really debilitated my physical capabilities for a good 6 weeks.  Thus, the change to just riding a bike instead.  I know I’ve been thinking multiple times in my head, “What would it feel like to go barreling over my handle bars?”  Well, I felt it tonight and to be frank, it wasn’t too bad besides the initial pain.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be suffering, but I think I’ll have just a couple nice bruises…

I’m really out of shape.  I haven’t been exercising for a good 2 months at least.  Part of the excuse was the scooter accident and the other seasonal reason is winter.  I’m not a big winter person and it’s hard for me to get physical (as Olivia Newton John would say) in the cold wintery weather.  I’m also growing older.  I’m a few years away from that big 4-0!  And I think, what the heck have I done with my life?  A lot, but some days I don’t feel like anything significant…

I was doing a bit of facebook stalking today or as others would call it “Facebook Surfing”.  We all know it’s stalking in a “friendlier” way, but we’re still stalking.  I’m curious how my other friends are doing.  Some days, I wonder if I’m checking to see how much further they are in life or how much behind sometimes I feel like I am.  Is it my internal competitiveness?  I am the Director of Human Resources department and basically manage the lives of close to 140+ people directly and indirectly, but I don’t know.  Some days I still wonder.  I definitely don’t feel like I’m paid like I manage the affairs of this many people.

I miss my friends & family.  I miss the food from back home.  I miss clean air and beautiful sunny summers.  I miss being happy.  Well, I’m not totally miserable, but things could be better.

I had a great weekend or as good as it can with the boys.  They slept over at my place for the first time.  Jooyoung and I are still not officially divorced, but we will be.  I think she finally accepted that we need to do it legally.  I think we will later next year.  We just hope it will be as good for the boys as it is for us.  Unfortunately, we weren’t meant to be together, but we’re always thankful for the boys.

Well, I have to get to my 12:21a dinner.  Yes, I eat dinner between 11:30p and 1:30a daily.  My schedule has changed where my first meal can be at 2 – 5p and my 2nd is now.  Some days I’m hungry enough to eat three meals, but these days, I’m basically sustaining life on two.  Probably not healthy, but it is how it is. My mom would not be happy.  😉

One last note, but my neighbors annoy me.  I don’t know if it’s just them, but there’s always someone doing something to make enough noise so I can fall asleep or stay asleep.  My next door neighbor one day hassled me about a bag of garbage I left outside my place & said it smelled.  It really didn’t…I have a very sensitive nose, but he decided to make a big deal about it.  He rang my doorbell like 5 times.  I rang his doorbell 5 times in response to tell him I took it down a few minutes later, but the idiot didn’t answer.  What a pain…


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2 responses to “A real update to my life

  1. Sun

    Hope that you’re alright. Did it happen on the scooter again? Maybe you should get a car and get rid of the scooter.

    I had a similar incident about garbage while I was in Korea, I had to throw my neighbor out my apartment, he was about in an inch from being thrown down the stairs, but lucky for him I’m not a violent man. Then he sat there outside my apartment smoking and looking into the CCTV camera, asking me to come out and fight. What’s into those drunk short people?

  2. Thanks buddy. It wasn’t on the scooter, but on the bicyle…got rid of the scooter already. Fortunately, since it was just a bike, it wasn’t as bad. I don’t think I broke anything, but maybe bruised a rib or two.

    Good question on the annoying neighbors!

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