“Without hope, life is not worth living…”

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Picture of Milk bottles

Picture of Milk bottles

Watched “Milk” tonight starring Sean Penn.  Not a bad story about the true life of Harvey Milk.  Towards the end of the movie, Milk says “”without hope, life is not worth living…”  He had just turned 40 and said stuff to his partner that he hadn’t done much in his life he was proud of.  Kind of reminded me of how I feel some days.  I guess I shouldn’t feel that way entirely, but I have to admit some days I do wonder how much I’ve accomplished.  I wish I could have done more. 

I still need to get on that book I’ve been meaning to write all year long.  I guess I need an extension into 2009.

Not sure what else 2009 will bring me, but I’m hoping to make my friend Derek‘s wedding.  I hope I have enough saved up for the big day.  Fortunately, he moved it to summer.  Originally, he was going to hold it in about a month, but I’m glad he’s decided to delay it a bit.  I like summers much more than winters.  However, it’s hot in Hawaii during that time.  ^^

Watched The Day the Earth Stood Still along with Quantum of Solace, Twilight, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Transporter 3 as well recently.  I’m glad I haven’t been able to miss out on some of the cinema pleasures of back home.  I still miss good ole Ivar’s and Duke’s clam chowder (quick note: go to the website & if you sign up for their email list, you get 2 free meals!  dang, I wish I was home even more now!), Pagliacci’s pizza, good Pad Thai and if you can believe it, Chicken Teriyaki!  Koreans own Teriyaki restaurants all over the U.S., but they haven’t imported it here yet.  Can you believe it?  They have their own fried chicken which they think is very special and definitely more pricey than KFC.  The place I order from fries it in olive oil.  Still greasy though…

One random thought:  When I first started this blog over a year ago,  there was this metric posted to the main WordPress.com home page that I log into daily.  It said something like X blogs, X new posts and X words today.  Well, it was at about 1 million blogs at that time.  Look at where it is today:

5,014,647 blogs, 325,497 new posts, 47,223,974 words today.

Guess I have to say Congratulations Matt! — my friend/past coworker Glenn B.’s boyfriend.  Haven’t talked to Glenda forever since she’s probably busy with her life being in the upper echelon of Sillicon Valley I’m thinking.  If not, if you’re by chance ever reading this Glenda, hope you’re well!  I’m sure you are…  Always thought you were cool…

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