Will this reduce salaries for English Teachers in Korea?

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Well, if economics can predict the future, there will definitely be an addition to the supply of English instructors in Korea for the next 2 years through 2010.  The following story shows how the Korean government decided to open up the Immigration standards to allow Indian citizens to teach English in Korea as long as they have an English related degree or have a teacher’s license.  In the past couple of years, there has been a decrease in the number of applicants from the normally accepted countries of the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa due to heightened Immigration requirements which include a somewhat difficult to obtain (in some locations) Criminal Record check.  (the check isn’t always the difficulty, but sometimes the Apostille or official notarizations have complicated matters) 
From the JoongAng Daily:

Indian English teachers to be hired in public schools

December 29, 2008
In a bid to get more native English-speakers in English teaching jobs at Korean public schools, the justice and education ministries yesterday announced that Indians with an English-related college degree and teacher’s license will soon eligible for the positions.

So far, the Education Ministry has hired native English teachers from countries where English is the mother tongue – the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa.

To make the eligibility official, the Justice Ministry is currently discussing a bilateral trade deal with the government of India, where English is an official language.

A Justice Ministry official said the measure will provide a breakthrough “in placing more eligible native English-speaking teachers in public schools in farming and fishing villages that don’t have enough such teachers.”

The program aims to hire up to 1,050 teachers for public elementary and middle schools as soon as next year, and for high schools by 2010.

According to government statistics released in November, there are a total of 4,332 native English-speaking teachers in public schools. Of them, 1,812 are from the U.S. and 1,295 are from Canada. Foreigners from the seven English-speaking countries with college diplomas of two or more years are eligible for the jobs.


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2 responses to “Will this reduce salaries for English Teachers in Korea?

  1. anchal


    My name is Anchal, I work as a journalist for an Idnian chanenl caleld NDTV, and I need to speak to a few Indian teachers teaching english in south korea.. it is urgent and very important for the project i’m working on.
    please get in touch..
    my email- anchal@ndtv.com

  2. I hope that all teachers looking for work are requried to go through the same vetting process. I had to get all my documents legalised by apostille which at first seemed a tricky task when not living in the UK. I eventually found http://www.hagueapostille.co.uk/ and they helped with loads of free advice. The question is really whether the Indian teachers will have to jump through hoops and do they have similar service providers?

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