Boy is it cold this winter…in Korea.

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Korean winter

Korean winter

I’ve already pointed it out in this post called “My feet are cold,” but the weather continues to be a bit chillier than I remember compared to the past two winters.  Lately, on my bike ride home, I debate whether I should simply take the bus instead because my face feels like it’s frozen with the front part of my cranium.  I literally wonder if I’m doing damage to my health with the “brain freeze” I get on the 10 minute ride home.

However, when I look at the weather gauge, it says it’s only 37 to 47 degrees or 40 degrees fahrenheit.  Even in Seattle, 40 degrees fahrenheit NEVER felt this cold.  The average temperature in Korea supposedly gets even colder than what the readings currently say.  There’s even an article published yesterday pointing out it has been much colder in the past with temperatures dipping close to a degree celsius colder than today.  There’s a reason why Koreans love their electric blankets and ondol.

This post though makes this previous random set of comments look like a joke: feels like spring in Korea.  It did (I swear) feel like it for like a few hours.  ^^

Ferry on the icy Han River

Ferry on the icy Han River


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2 responses to “Boy is it cold this winter…in Korea.

  1. Sun

    Boy man up! It’s supposed to be warmer in Busan than farther up North! I used to ride my motorcycle in the snow in Kumi…wear knit cap under you helmet and put a plastic bag down the front of yor crotch it protects from wind chill. hahaha

  2. mrssyediz

    i planned to go to daejeon this becoming december (my 1st time)
    can i know the weather at that time in korea.
    should i bring more winter jacket (i will be there about 6 days)

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